Construction Services

Our focus is always on Client requirements; consequently we continually challenge our expectations to deliver upon: Time, Quality and Cost, underpinned by experience and realism.

Pro services

Professional Services

We offer Professional services to facilitate the whole construction process from inception through the whole life cycle of the building.

Understanding Client requirements and the impact needs and wants will have on Capital Construction Costs, Life Cycle Costs and Residual Values is imperative to ensure; design development meets the long-term interests of the asset.

Our Network

Contractors & Trade Centres

Supply chain
We have a loyal and trusted supply chain, incorporating all specialist skills


Foxbury Construction’s original remit was to contract and undertake construction works for specific development partners; consequently we have a wealth of experience in progressing schemes from inception to completion, whilst working within tight budgetary and timescale constraints.

Our Project focused discipline, encouraged our Development Construction Professionals, such as Architects and Engineers, to invite us to undertake works as a Main Contractor.

 We have subsequently organically developed our client base to include a wide remit of clients who appreciate the value we add to the process.

We now undertake the broadest range of construction projects up to a value of £5,000,000.

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